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Tuition - Engineering

Master's Programs
Engineering master's programs require full tuition payment for three semesters unless a student has registered for all ten credits required for the degree and completed all required courses (excluding thesis or project) in fewer than three semesters. Master's students can register for a maximum of four credits during full tuition semesters. The full tuition for the 2013-2014 academic year is $13,736 per semester.

Doctoral Programs
For a doctoral program, full tuition ($13,736/semester for 2013-2014) is charged for nine semesters unless the student enters the program with an appropriate master's degree, in which case tuition is charged for six semesters.

Part-Time Students
Students who are admitted to undertake a program on a part-time basis register for one or two courses a semester and pay the prevailing course/credit rate each year until they have registered and paid for all courses/credits required for the degree. The 2013-2014 tuition for part-time students is $4,454 per course/ credit. Most Tufts courses are 1.0 credit.

Continuation Fee
All students will be charged a continuation fee each semester after the tuition requirements for the program have been satisfied. The 2013-2014 continuation fee is $3,340 per semester.

Certificate Students
The 2013-2014 tuition for certificates offered by the School of Engineering is $3,565 per course/credit. Any courses taken in addition to those required to complete a particular certificate program cost $4,454 per course, in 2013-2014.

The tuition for academic year 2014-2015 will be available from the Board of Trustees in March 2014.

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