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Tuition - Arts and Sciences

Full-time arts and sciences graduate students pay a yearly program tuition rate, while part-time students (enrolled in no more than two courses) and certificate students pay a per course rate. Tuition varies by program.

Master's Programs
Most master's programs at Tufts consist of eight to ten courses. Tuition is charged for just one year of study and is paid in full within the first year. The 2014-2015 tuition for these master's programs is as follows:

M.A., M.S., and M.P.P. programs   $46,440
M.A.T. programs   $39,476
Shady Hill M.A. program   $37,152

The following master's programs consist of more courses than the other degree programs and require the payment of tuition for two years. The tuition for the first year (academic year 2014-2015) is as follows:

M.F.A. Studio Art $40,676
Occupational Therapy (entry-level program) $46,440
School Psychology $39,476
Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning (M.A.) $32,508

A total of two years of tuition will be charged for these master's programs.

Doctoral Programs
Tuition for Ph.D. programs is charged for five years. The 2014-2015 Ph.D. tuition is $27,864.

Tuition for the OTD program is $46,440 for academic year 2014-2015.

Part-Time Students
The 2014-2015 tuition for part-time students (those typically enrolling in one or two courses a semester) is $4,644 per course/credit. Most Tufts courses award one credit (1.0), equivalent to 4.0 semester hours. Part-time students pay the prevailing course rate each year until their degree is completed. Students who revert to part-time after beginning their program will be required to pay the full degree charge regardless of the number of courses they have left to complete.

Continuation Tuition
All students will be charged continuation tuition each semester after their expected degree completion period (two years for most master's students; three years for master's students in occupational therapy (entry-level program), school psychology, and urban and environmental policy and planning; three years for OTD students entering without a master's degree; and seven years for Ph.D. students). The 2014-2015 continuation tuition is $800.

Certificate Students
Certificate students pay a course rate for each required certificate course. Tuition rates vary by program. Certificates offered by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences are $3,715 per course, in 2014-2015. Tuition for the Museum Studies certificate and the Science Education certificate is $2,790 per course, in 2014-2015. Any courses taken in addition to those required to complete a particular certificate program cost $4,644 per course, in 2014-2015.

The tuition for academic year 2015-2016 will be available from the Board of Trustees in May 2015.

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